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Posted by Pacha NYC on April 24, 2015 at 7:19 pm

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Andrew Bayer, electronic dance music producer comes to Pacha NYC Friday May 1st!

Andrew Bayer is known for his unique progressive house collaborations and productions on the Anjunabeat and Anjunadeep label. He is currently on his “Do Androids Dream” North American tour brining new elements of IDM progressive breaks.

He tells fans in a Q&A segment that he when first got into producing, “[He] was captivated by Gouryella, Rank 1, Tiesto, Gabriel & Dresden, Above & Beyond- all the heroes of trance. Now [he] tends to look outside of electronic music for inspiration and try to port that sound into electronic music.”

Bayer gave us a little taste of what he means by “looking outside EDM” at the 2015 Ultra Music Festival.

Promoting his new tour and album releases, Bayer tells his fans via Facebook that “This week I set off on my biggest tour yet in support of this EP, but Do Androids Dream has already been such an epic and incredible journey for me. Starting off in the Hello studios in London, getting debuted in my set at Madison Square Garden, and then further road tested on the Do Androids Dream Part 1 tour….the day has come where you can now listen to the continuous mini-album in its final stage, in full quality. I am so proud to share this piece with you and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it. And the journey continues this week on the Do Androids Dream Part 2 tour.”

Check out his “Do Androids Dream” EP

With his new EP release, Andrew Bayer wanted to start doing things a little differently. His new music video release of hit track “Superhuman” gives us insight to his new creative perspectives and outlooks.

Director of the video, Robin Lochmann said that her and Bayer wanted “to create a story about two people feeling a connection while being physically separated. We all spend so much time behind screens and with the rise of virtual reality we are all sinking deeper into digital worlds were connections are rarely physical. I wanted to play with the idea that two people connect digitally and when they attempt to find each other in the real world they discover that they have been chasing an illusion. Trapped behind a glass screen the flickering images of the digital remain intangible and out of reach for human touch. Do we find a heightened sense of humanity, or a sense of being superhuman in our digital avatars or can this only be reached in the tactile realm of reality?”

Check out how he has transformed the usual music video into an incredible piece of art:

Bayer feat. Asbjørn – Super Human

Bayer has a deep love & passion for big room music that is MELODIC. He claims the dirtier the music, the BETTER. And hey, we are DEFINITELY diggin’ it.

Check him out at Pacha NYC Friday May 1st! Time to get dirty…

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