Hey Will, Check Out These Tour Bus Pranks!

Posted by Pacha NYC on September 11, 2014 at 6:34 pm



Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher and Timmy Trumpet have been touring North America on a bus.  Since they will all be in tight quarters on the bus, we thought we’d help liven things up a bit.

Will, Joel, Timmy… read on for some advice from us, to you. #YoureWelcome

5.  Saran wrap the toilet


4. “Antique” someone


3. Put clear tape across a doorway/walkway


2. Autograph someones face


1. …and last but not least, the epic Tour Bus kidnap



Want to hang out on the bus with Will, Joel and Timmy?  Enter here for a backstage experience

Be sure to grab your tickets // sign up for the guestlist for free admission before midnight