Melbourne Bounce 101

Posted by Pacha NYC on September 9, 2014 at 3:24 pm


Aussie DJs are internationally known, but did you know their sound is as as well? The ‘Melbourne Sound‘ is a recent term coined by artists down under who incorporate this elecro-dubby touch into their hard-hitting tracks. It has been named-dropped by artists including Laidback Luke, and is becoming a widespread term within the EDM world. In The sat down with Will Sparks to get a better feel for what this ‘sound’ truly consists of. Read on to get your Melbourne Sound 101 lesson, and be sure to grab your tickets / hop on the guestlist for Will Sparks this Friday at Pacha for his Bounce Bus Tour invasion with Joel Fletcher and Timmy Trumpet

A beginner’s guide to the Melbourne sound with Will Sparks
– In The

For the beginners… what is the ‘Melbourne Sound’?
“It’s kind of like slowed-down psy-trance in terms of structure, also with electro and – if you want – dubby sounds in it. It’s also very ‘Dutch-y’. Everyone who writes Melbourne music is different from one another. For example, I’m trying to put in progressive house and breaks sounds as well as vocals. There’s so much you can put into a track which is still ‘Melbourne’. People describe Melbourne as ‘Bounce’, and the perfect example of that is Ode to Oi by TJR and my track Ah Yeah!. … I was really surprised at the Ministry Of Sound compilation. I know over the years Ministry of Sound has been all for the big room, universally-liked music. The stuff that we’re doing now is coming through and is the new big thing, so I’m really happy see them recognising that and taking what we’re doing on board. I think the whole of Australia and the world are noticing it too. I think if you told me twelve months ago that they were going to do the mix I wouldn’t have believed it though.”

How it went large for Will Sparks
“I was never particularly good at school; I was always really into music. However I played guitar and was into heavy metal, death metal and all that kind of stuff. So I guess I was also into the harder genres. Then one night when I was underage I jumped the fence at a club and went inside and Kalus was playing. He was the Melbourne ‘Godfather’ at the time and I instantly fell in love and just wanted to be like him….  Then Joel Fletcher jumped on after and he was even better. I just couldn’t believe it. And I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. So I got some computer software, played around with it, picked it up straight away and kept practicing. I also got a lot of help from other DJs like Samual James. And I just kept making tracks, kept getting more followers on Soundcloud, and people started playing my songs out…and here I am.”


Check out Will’s video for his new track, ‘This Is What The Bounce Is — out now on Ultra Records