Posted by Pacha NYC on April 24, 2015 at 7:19 pm


“I know you’ve heard of a Vegas residency, but I took a Pacha NYC residency instead.”

Mat Zo officially announces his Pacha NYC residency and kicks off his first performance Saturday May 15th. Join the Pacha Family in welcoming him to the holy ground of New York City!

“Despite being only 24-years-old, Mat Zo has grown a lot since becoming known as a trance DJ and producer. And despite releasing his debut album called Damage Control on Anjunabeats, the label belonging to Above & Beyond, he still doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into any one genre. And that’s exactly what his first album depicts – an artist who isn’t afraid to use his creativity and curiosity to experiment with varying textures and tempos. Following an adventurous 70-track Essential Mix, a non-conformist album shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.” MizMag

Zo’s Damage Control embodies his transgression from being a Trance DJ to being whatever the hell he chooses.

He says ““I was labeled a trance DJ because people only heard the trance. I didn’t randomly start making loads of different styles of music when I started Damage Control, the album was just a way for my other stuff to see the light of day. I’ve never stuck to one genre, privately, and the album was just a way to make that public and fix the damage that making trance had caused, hence the name.”

Tracks on this new album include “Superman Lost”

“Caller ID”

and “Only For You” featuring Rachel K. Collier

Not only do we love his new unrestricted musical creations, but his fans have taken a HUGE liking as well —

The one comment that we (and I’m sure Mat Zo) loved was “I love that no matter what you do, it always sounds amazing. A true sign of a genius.”

That indeed you are Mat Zo…Proving to all of us that you are not the typical DJ who produces one kind of music, whether it is dance or trance, but someone who goes beyond expectations.

Continuing to prove this position- Check out “Into the Unknown” featuring Christina Jamra

Zo loves creating music. He does it because it is his passion. It makes him happy. PLUS…it is fun. Check out something he through together for shits-n-giggles that we certainly are obsessed with.

When asked what he has in store for 2015, Zo says he is “just working on [his] next album, that’s the main thing. [His] last album took 4 years so who knows how long [the next one] will take.” We do not know what to expect from MAt Zo but we are certainly excited to see what he has in store for us.

Check him out and welcome him to Pacha NYC Saturday May 15th!